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Your small to mid-sized business deserves a global IT partner that can be there for you round the clock while keeping you safe, productive and 100% compliant...

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Managed IT services - About us

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IT Helpdesk

We have teams based in the UK, USA, and Dubai to bring your team round-the-clock support


Efficiency increase

When we provide you with IT support, everything works IT works better than ever before


Combined experience

Our rich expertise enables us to put you light years ahead of your competition, using IT


Global project success

Our ability to help businesses worldwide with our global team, sets us apart

Immediate support. Long-term satisfaction.

When you reach out for support, 100% of the time, you want help immediately... You didn't call for IT support, only to be kept waiting for hours, or till the next working day. Now, when you do get help from a technician, how would you feel having to deal with that same issue over and over and over again? You don't want that, and neither do we...

We understand what businesses like yours have had to put up with under the guise of "IT support". We started TECHPING to solve these problems (and many more) permanently for small to mid-sized businesses across the Mid-Atlantic states of the US, Washington DC, and beyond!

We specialize in long-term system maintenance contracts for businesses that want to work together on preventing issues with a focus on your day-to-day demands.

Managed IT services - About us

Meet the team

Available to help you 24/7, with over 65 years of rich IT expertise

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Tom Raikonnen

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Project Manager

Tammy Burns

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Technical Consultant

John Mastersson

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Creative Director

Selby Johnson

IT support like never before...

Proactive 24/7 IT management

We keep our expert eyes on your IT environment round the clock, so that you can focus on your actual business. By doing this, we are able to detect threats in real-time and keep your business safe, compliant and online, 24/7.

True Partnership, fail-proof strategies

You get real value from an IT partner that cares about your bottom line and peace of mind. Every IT decision you make should reduce IT support issues. We are that IT partner who’s dedicated to keeping your people working and not dealing with IT.

Managed IT services - About us
“We're dedicated to keeping your team productive, not dealing with IT”
Sam Sawalhi, CEO
We free you of the burden of IT support issues by making better long-term IT decisions, we always base our service on ‘permanent corrective action’ and NOT reactive IT support.

If a problem ever occurs twice, we do everything possible to make sure it never happens again. Our ultimate goal is to free you from IT issues and help your processes run seamlessly, consistently.

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